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We take care of our guests with delicate attention.

For them we reserve moments of respite and light-heartedness through the dishes, the wines and the drinks that we pour and serve, the thoughts representing us. We recommend pairing itineraries from a cellar with over six hundred labels, signed by Elodie over the years and selected with passion.

Wine list

We believe in total self-production for a healthy, traceable and dynamic cuisine, which respects seasonality and enhances the raw material of any given time.

We grow five varieties of cereals for the bread we bake and the pasta we prepare. We select ancient seeds for our synergistic gardens to preserve a heritage of vegetables, fruits and berries year after year. In addition, we are passionate about aromatic and spontaneous herbs.

We feel Guardians of the environment in which we live and we measure choices, actions and behaviours to reduce any impact on the climate. Micro filtered water is served at the table and beeswax paper has replaced plastic in the kitchen. We use only sustainable and natural cleaners. We are inclined to any and all projects that respect the environment.

Cucina Madre