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feva ristorante


It's the people, with their knowledge and dedication, that fill otherwise lifeless places.

chef patron

Promoter of the Cucina Madre philosophy and developer of fine dining projects.
He worked alongside the great masters of contemporary cuisine: Michel Roux, Alain Ducasse and Ferran Adrià.


general manager

The welcoming smile at Feva

Elegantly guides restaurant and staff, inspired by the art of the table and by the teachings of her first mentor Silvano Geraldin, historic restaurant manager at Michel Roux's Gavroche, in London. After her first hospitality studies in Souillac and later sommellerie in both Nizza and Italy, she have worked in England, at Connaught with Gordon Ramsey, in Cote d'Azur at Châteaux de la Chèvre D'Or, in Spain at Fior De Lis and in the United States at David Bouley Manhattan restaurant as front waiter, absorbing a new and intelligent way of restaurant managing. Signs the wine list and she's the promoter of a new concept of hospitality, that blends together spirit, education, sobriety, professionalism and light-heartedness.

direttore di sala

L’arte del servizio e della tavola. Esperienza e massima cura per dare risalto ai minimi dettagli.  Approda a Castelfranco Veneto al fianco di Elodie Dubuisson e Nicola Dinato, dopo un lungo percorso iniziato nei grandi alberghi di Venezia arrivato alle sale stellate al fianco di grandi professionisti della ristorazione: Franco Caffara e Antonio Casillo al I Tigli in Theoria di Como; Gisela Schneider e Heinrich Schneider al Terra - The Magic Place di Sarentino (BZ); Massimo Raugi e Antonino Cannavacciuolo di Villa Crespi (NO). Nel frattempo completa i percorsi AIS, AIBES e Sake Sommelier. Ritorna in Veneto per portare la sua esperienza prima da Zanze XVI a Venezia ed ora al Feva. Dal primo benvenuto ai saluti di fine pasto, vi accompagnerà in ogni passaggio per rendere memorabile ogni esperienza con noi.

Feva & Tibault

Generational overlap

Nicola and Elodie, kitchen and dining room, two souls in perfect harmony. United also by a custom, between tradition and legend.
A family ancestor married a woman whose last name was Feva and was welcomed into her home. Since then the Dinato family attained this "menda", a family nickname, up to this day where it became a restaurant that contributes to writing a new page of this history. Likewise Tibault is the nickname that follows Elodie's family for generations.
Two names, two stories, a sole concept of family: the union of more individuals sharing the same goals
A shared idea made our point of strength.