Feva's way of thinking

  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
FEVA is the expression of Nicola and Elodie.
It's the coming into being of their way of seeing the modern restaurant industry, which is derived by a constant research and by the creative combination of ideas which have grown during the years that have led to the assignment of the first Michelin star in 2015 edition of the prestigious guidebook.

An elegant and intimate restaurant, antique in its fascinating structure, symbol of the traditional architecture of the Veneto region and representing the easiness of approach to the fine dining.

Feva is the result of the following factors:

AFFORDABILITY The restaurant is affordable to everyone, since the pleasure of eating together and the quality of the cuisine should be a question of personal choice and should not depend to one's finances.

ACCESSIBILITY It is accessible to everyone wishing to learn the techniques of cuisine and to live the backstage of a restaurant.

DYNAMISM It is dynamic and youthful and it offers a fluid service which can interact with the clients.

CREATIVITY It gives space to fantasy and ideas, in whatever field they can apply to and wherever they come from, supported by a strong classical base and a rigorous evaluation method.

VISIBILITY There's a complete transparence of work developed in the kitchen, since it is possible to observe in every moment the dynamic of service thanks to huge doors and walls of glass.

so that anyone can have access to quality


A parallel history. At the far west of France there's the very same tradition of giving a common nickname to group together families with the same surname and usually living in the same house.
Tibault represents the dining hall, the cellar and everything connected with it: from the mastery of the world of wines to the art and elegance of serving in the dining hall, from the mutual understanding with the kitchen to a correct presentation of the message to convey.
It distinguishes itself for a minimalist furniture and a material way of conceiving the layout of the dining table up to the creation of perzonalized events, fulfilling the demands of the client.
Welcome, professionalism and empathy.

Allez venez! Milord. Vous asseoir à ma table...

and the Cuisine

The cuisine as a box for ideas: respectful of the territory, looking for the autocthonous products, influenced by the seasons and re-evaluating the poor ingredients and the traditional recipes.
Simplicity of the dishes and of the menu, immediacy of concept.
A cuisine anchored to the classical base, rigorous in its methods, exploring new techniques, youthful in its style, interpretative in its approaching and artistic on the whole.
It is thought and developed for being affordable by everyone.
It is deepened with INCIBO(2) in the quest for perfection and for a full mastery of the ingredients in order to be in constant evolution.
A new easy language, simple to learn.

...freedom of expression..., a job, a passion, a life


The legend tells about a Chef's ancestor who married a woman whose surname was Feva.
Since he had no possibility to build up his own house, he had to go and live with her and her family and since that moment he took up his wife's surname.
The following generations have been keeping using that "menda"(1), which lasts until today. This same "menda" has re-emerged in this restaurant, which itself is part of the same story.

By means of the name Feva we want to hand down and spread a local kind of culture.
The goal is to give value and to re-propose the way of living of a tradition which is quite lost. The focal point is our concept of family: the union of more individuals who share common goals. This is, out of discussion, the strenght of whatever kind of enterprise and in particular of our own, since we want to welcome you in hour home.

A branch which let me keeping alive that family tree

(1) Menda: typical nickname in the region of Veneto, which in the past was given to the different families.
(2) Incibo: laboratory of cuisine [ link » ]