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A unique and timeless place.
Contrasts between past and present.
Soul in constant evolution.
Passionate cuisine.
Free spirit.

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feva ristorante

Elodie Dubuisson and Nicola Dinato

Our destinies crossed paths in London in the early 00s and from that moment on we wrote our future together, traveling to the best restaurants in the world, experiencing new cultures, fervently getting into music, art, food, wine and hospitality.
The time came in 2011 to start our own project, with a strong identity, inaugurating with much enthusiasm a new culinary journey.
Today we stand as a grand team and managing several activities, but always believing that our first creation has yet to reveal the best of itself.

About Us


Feva is our gastronomic vision and expression deriving from constant research and a creative combination of ideas that matured over the years.

We share our passions, our creative thinking.
We take care of our guests with delicate attention.
The products of the earth exalt us as we see them as completed works.
We take inspiration from raw materials.
We respect the natural rhythms of nature.
We are passionate about wines and spirits in all forms.
We are ambassadors of our lands to convey amongst the tables all the beauty that surrounds us.

Feva | Decade 2011 - 2021

Decade 2011 - 2021 is the shortfilm we dedicated to Feva's ten years anniversary.
This is the story of a decade of cooking, challenges, commitment and passion.
Decade is our way to thank those who support and accompany us on this journey.

Video: Filippo Rosati - Suburban Video