Tibault and the cuisine

  • Tibault and the cuisine
  • Tibault and the cuisine
  • Tibault and the cuisine
  • Tibault and the cuisine
  • Tibault and the cuisine


A parallel history. At the far west of France there's the very same tradition of giving a common nickname to group together families with the same surname and usually living in the same house.
Tibault represents the dining hall, the cellar and everything connected with it: from the mastery of the world of wines to the art and elegance of serving in the dining hall, from the mutual understanding with the kitchen to a correct presentation of the message to convey.
It distinguishes itself for a minimalist furniture and a material way of conceiving the layout of the dining table up to the creation of perzonalized events, fulfilling the demands of the client.
Welcome, professionalism and empathy.

Allez venez! Milord. Vous asseoir à ma table...

and the Cuisine

The cuisine as a box for ideas: respectful of the territory, looking for the autocthonous products, influenced by the seasons and re-evaluating the poor ingredients and the traditional recipes.
Simplicity of the dishes and of the menu, immediacy of concept.
A cuisine anchored to the classical base, rigorous in its methods, exploring new techniques, youthful in its style, interpretative in its approaching and artistic on the whole.
It is thought and developed for being affordable by everyone.
It is deepened with INCIBO(2) in the quest for perfection and for a full mastery of the ingredients in order to be in constant evolution.
A new easy language, simple to learn.

...freedom of expression..., a job, a passion, a life

(2) Incibo: laboratory of cuisine [ link » ]