Feva's way of thinking

  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
  • Feva's way of thinking
FEVA is the expression of Nicola and Elodie.
It's the coming into being of their way of seeing the modern catering industry, which is derived by a constant research and by the creative combination of ideas which have grown during the years that have led to the assignment of the first Michelin star in 2015 edition of the prestigious guidebook.

An elegant and intimate restaurant, antique in its fascinating structure, symbol of the traditional architecture of the Veneto region and representing the easiness of approach to the fine dining.

Feva is the result of the following factors:


The restaurant is affordable to everyone, since the pleasure of eating together and the quality of the cuisine should be a question of personal choice and should not depend to one's finances.


It is accessible to everyone wishing to learn the techniques of cuisine and to live the backstage of a restaurant.


It is dynamic and youthful and it offers a fluid service which can interact with the clients.


It gives space to fantasy and ideas, in whatever field they can apply to and wherever they come from, supported by a strong classical base and a rigorous evaluation method.


There's a complete transparence of work developed in the kitchen, since it is possible to observe in every moment the dynamic of service thanks to huge doors and walls of glass.

so that anyone can have access to quality