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  • the origins
  • the origins
  • the origins


The legend tells about a Chef's ancestor who married a woman whose surname was Feva.
Since he had no possibility to build up his own house, he had to go and live with her and her family and since that moment he took up his wife's surname.
The following generations have been keeping using that "menda"(1), which lasts until today. This same "menda" has re-emerged in this restaurant, which itself is part of the same story.

By means of the name Feva we want to hand down and spread a local kind of culture.
The goal is to give value and to re-propose the way of living of a tradition which is quite lost. The focal point is our concept of family: the union of more individuals who share common goals. This is, out of discussion, the strenght of whatever kind of enterprise and in particular of our own, since we want to welcome you in hour home.

A branch which let me keeping alive that family tree

(1) Menda: typical nickname in the region of Veneto, which in the past was given to the different families.